Rydyn yn ystyried cyd-weithio gyda’r rhieni yn allweddol i hapusrwydd pob plentyn. Rydym yn sylweddoli ein cyfrifoldeb fel ysgol gan y nifer o rieni sydd wedi dewis anfon eu plant i Ysgol Gymraeg Llwyncelyn i gael addysg yn lle ysgol gyfagos. Rydym yn gwerthfawrogi’r berthynas gryf a chyfeillgar sydd wedi datblygu rhwng yr ysgol, rhieni a disgyblion.

We consider that co-operation with parents is vital for the success and happiness of each and every child. We are aware of the duty we have as a school since so many parents have chosen to send their child to Ysgol Gymraeg Llwyncelyn instead of another nearby school. We appreciate the strong and friendly relationship that has developed between the school, parents and the pupils.


It is not of benefit to your child’s education if you take holidays during the school term. The Headteacher will not authorise any holidays from September 2014 apart from exceptional circumstances . From January 2015 the school will follow RCT guidelines by issuing fixed penalty notices if and when necessary ( please ask for RCT guidelines if you have any queries.) Below are the Holiday dates for the coming academic year.

Term From To
Autumn 2017 Monday – September 4th 2017 Friday – October 27th 2017
Winter 2017 Monday – November 6th 2017 Friday – December 22th 2017
Spring 2018 Monday – January 8th 2018 Friday – February 16th 2018
Spring 2018 Monday – February 26th 2018 Thursday – March 29th 2018
Summer 2018 Monday – April 16th 2018 Friday – May 25th 2018
Summer 2018 Monday – June 4th 2018 Tuesday – July 24th 2018

Cinio Ysgol / School Meals

No child is allowed to go home for their lunch. The children have a choice of eating a prepared meal or bringing a packed lunch to school. All Nursery children are to eat school lunch as it is part of their assessment.

School Lunch is priced at £2,50 per day ( £12.50 per week ) and payable on a Monday please. This can also be paid on-line.

You should inform the school by letter if your child has an allergy to any food or colouring or if your child is a vegetarian.

If you think that your child is entitled to free school lunch, then please contact the school for an application form. You may also apply online for free school meals.


Yn ystod eu bywyd ysgol, mae gwaith cartref yn dod yn rhan o fywyd y plentyn. Mae gwaith cartref yn chwarae rôl bwysig i addysg gyflawn y plentyn. Dylai’r gwaith cartref fod yn bwrpasol a chael cyfraniad tuag at ddatblygiad addysgol y plentyn. Dylai’r gwaith cartref fod yn estyniad o’r gwaith yn y dosbarth a dylai cyfrannu at waith y plentyn. Mae’r plentyn yn dod i arfer gyda gwneud gwaith cartref fydd yn eu paratoi ar gyfer addysg uwchradd. Eleni mae’r ysgol wedi creu llyfryn newydd gwaith cartref sy’n cynorthwyo rhieni / gwarchodwyr a chryfhau ein cysylltiadau gyda’r cartref.

Mae cydweithrediad y rhieni yn hanfodol i ddatblygiad y plentyn. Ar hyn o bryd mae’r athrawon yn rhoi cyfieithiad o’r iaith bwysig i’r rhieni sydd ddim yn siarad Cymraeg. Mae’r ysgol hefyd yn rhan o rwydwaith ‘Mwdl’ a Purple Mash, sef gwefannau sy’n hysbysu’r rhieni ar waith a gweithgareddau’r ysgol, yn ogystal â thasgau gwaith cartref.

During their school life, homework becomes part of the children’s lives. Homework has a very important contribution to make towards a child’s full education. The homework set should always be purposeful and have a contribution to make towards the educational development of the child. Homework should be an extension of the class work and should contribute towards this work. The child also becomes accustomed to doing homework in preparation for his/her time in higher education. The school has homework diaries for the pupils that guide parents and strengthen our home / school links.

Parental involvement and partnerships are essential in the development of the child. At present, the teachers give a translation of important vocabulary to support the parents that don’t speak Welsh. The school is also part of ‘ moodle’ and Purple Mash are web pages that are designed to inform parents of the activities at the school as well as supporting homework tasks


The Local Education Authority has put in place a procedure for dealing with complaints about the school’s curriculum. Copies of these documents are available by writing to the Education Authority, Ty Trevithick, Abercynon, Mountain Ash, CF45 4UQ. There is a strong partnership between the parents, children and staff at YGG Llwyncelyn and we ask you to start the process of solving a problem by discussing the matter with us at the school. Use our Open Door policy where we can make every effort to solve problems quickly and informally. Please feel free to contact the school if you wish to see any of our policies.